World of Warcraft (WoW) patch/more address space layout stuff

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue May 30 11:08:13 CDT 2006

> WoW Has a all chain of checks that go up all the way to rootkit reveler
> to make sure the user is not aided by an automatic system, Given the
> player an advantage  other players do not have. The Memory layout checks
> is for making sure the program is not loaded by a Debugger of sorts. Or
> that core Dll(s) where not replaced/hooked/emulated.

Yes, it could be the Warden, but I doubt it. If the Warden is
triggered you get banned from the game yet this bug surfaces not as
spurious bannings but some kind of mouse control/targetting problem.
To be honest I'm amazed we haven't seen any reports of Wine triggering
anti-cheat systems like Blizzards before, and I'm sure we'd hear about
it if it did ....

> It is possible that approaching Blizzard might be helpful. Is WoW
> supported by Cedega?

Yes, using a slightly more generic version of the same memory layout hack.

thanks -mike

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