rpcrt4: Implement NdrClientContext(Un)Marshall.

Saveliy Tretiakov saveliyt at mail.ru
Tue May 30 11:29:36 CDT 2006

My methods are absolutely clean. I used testcode to uncover undocumented 
functions behaviour. Thats how all wine developers do things.  Well, you 
accepted Eric Kohl's widl patches from reactos, why don't you accept my?

Mike McCormack wrote:
> Saveliy Tretiakov wrote:
>> this from my testcases (attached). And this was already implemented 
>> in my patch. I can't understand why are you trying to reimplement it.
> Due to the methods and attitudes of some ReactOS developers, we 
> believe that it would be better to avoid including ReactOS code in Wine.
> Mike
> .

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