[Darwine] Set up wine-macosx? (Re: How are we doing?)

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Tue May 30 12:44:57 CDT 2006

Brian Vincent wrote:

> ...
> Now, as far as not feeling the love, I'd strongly encourage as many
> Darwine developers as possible to attend Wineconf in September.  I
> know last year I personally invited Pierre.

Huh?  Why is WineConf private?  Shouldn't a conference for an Open
Source project like Wine be open to all people interested in attending,
instead of needing invitations?

Darwine is open to everyone who wants to join.  Currently 280 subscribe
to darwine-devel and no one is ever refused.

But seriously.  Jeremy and Mike both ask what to do to get more
developers to participate at WineHQ.  I explain what needs to be done
and still I get no expression of support.

I get a lot of people I'm telling me I'm wrong to feel how I feel.
What's the point of that?

I have no way of knowing specifically why Wine for Mac OS X developers
focus their activity at Darwine rather than WineHQ.  All I can relate is
my experience.

All I did was create a mailing list.  I'm pretty sure that would work
for WineHQ too.

Maybe call it wine-macos instead of wine-macosx so it doesn't become
dated when Apple revs the name.

And maybe I've been being too subtle for the rough & tumble of
wine-devel.  I'd be surprised if much developer activity took place on

If you set it up, they will come.


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