[Darwine] Set up wine-macosx? (Re: How are we doing?)

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Tue May 30 13:12:12 CDT 2006

Jeremy White wrote:

>>Huh?  Why is WineConf private?  Shouldn't a conference for an Open
>>Source project like Wine be open to all people interested in attending,
>>instead of needing invitations?
> Just for the record, WineConf is now and always has been
>   a) Open to all
>   b) Free of charge
>   c) Focused on Wine developers
> and it has clearly been advertised and described as such through the years.
> A personal invitation may have been extended to someone out of concern that
> they weren't subscribed to wine-devel, but no one need be invited to come.

Geez.  Clearly I am being too subtle.  Guess I needed to add a ;-)
rather than my Rodney Dangerfield "But seriously".

So why are you not supporting setting up a wine-macos(x) list @ WineHQ?


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