[Darwine] Set up wine-macosx? (Re: How are we doing?)

Sylvain OBEGI katios at nolabel.net
Tue May 30 13:22:54 CDT 2006

Jim White wrote:

> So why are you not supporting setting up a wine-macos(x) list @ WineHQ?
> Jim

I'm just a user, but may I suggest because :
- Wine for Mac OS X has basically the same relation to Wine for Linux as 
Wine for Solaris and Wine for *BSD have, and these don't have special 
mailing lists (AFAIK)
- the special components needed for OS X (graphics, audio) should be 
treated the same as any of these components for Linux (for audio : alsa, 
- The traffic on Darwine-devel is quite low, why divide?
- and anyway in a few months I'm sure there will be more developers and 
users of Wine on Mac than on Linux so we'd better consolidate in one place.

(I'm not even saying that the principal contributer/sponsor of Wine for 
Linux, CodeWeavers, is, I believe, also the main worker on Wine for Mac 
OS X at the moment)

Just my 2 euro cents

Sylvain OBEGI

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