Wine 1.0 Tasks

Neil Skrypuch ns03ja at
Tue May 30 23:35:38 CDT 2006

On Tuesday, May 30, 2006 23:51, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 5/30/06, Neil Skrypuch <ns03ja at> wrote:
> > On Tuesday, May 30, 2006 09:56, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > > I'm not sure lotus notes problems should block 1.0, as IBM has a native
> > > Linux client now, but if someone wants to fix them (especially the ones
> > > in usp10.dll netapi32.dll, that would be great.
> >
> > They do? I would be very interested to see that... There are Linux
> > packages of Lotus Notes, but every one I've seen uses Wine.
> It's Java-based, on the Eclipse platform, if you can believe it.
> I don't know when it'll be released.
> - Dan

I've heard murmuring to that effect before (specifically, the Rich Client 
Platform portion of Eclipse), although I've yet to see anything concrete. Not 
that I don't expect it to happen (Notes already has some Java components, at 
least to the point where it bundles it's own jre/jdk and has a Java 
logo/symbol on the splash screen), but my impression of Notes is that it's a 
pretty big beast, and I don't think a complete port to anything would go 
without a fight.

Having said that, it's hard to know how long Notes for Linux has been in 
development, and Notes certainly has been used on other platforms before. 
Either way, native Notes for Linux isn't here yet, but neither is Wine 1.0.

- Neil

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