wine problems on a 64bit system

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed May 31 00:26:37 CDT 2006

  As some of you know, I'm experimenting with my new 64bit systems. I've found
that there are problems running a lot of applications, which normally run on
a 32bit system.
  A typical example is IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles game. On a 32bit system,
with the latest wine CVS (even compiled on a 64bit system) it runs flawlessly.
On a 64bit system, it just prints 
fixme:seh:check_no_exec No exec fault triggered at 0x6d4d08b0, enabling work-around
but the workaround seems to be unefficient, because nothing more happens.
With a +relay, it shows that the program is looping, executing
0009:Call msvcrt._except_handler3(7fb2faa0,7fb2fba0,7fb2f7d4,7fb2f714) ret=7bc54d65
0009:Ret  msvcrt._except_handler3() retval=00000000 ret=7bc54d65
and nothing more, ad infinitum.
  The machines are running very similar kernels. Both are hardened with
exec-shield, but even disabling it on a 64bit by
'echo 0 >/proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield' doesn't help. The 32bit works even with
exec-shield enabled (and doesn't print the no-exec message).
  Are there chances to fix this issue ? Or is it a system problem ?
       With regards, Pavel Troller

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