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Kai Blin blin at
Wed May 31 05:43:58 CDT 2006

* James Hawkins <truiken at> [30/05/06, 18:32:37]:
> >
> > * Are we turning away potential developers for any reason? Could we do
> >   more to attract new hackers?
> >
> It seems a lot of developers are frustrated by our development model
> (one pathway to commit) and by the amount of effort it takes to get a
> patch committed.  I say too bad for them.  We have a great devel model
> that substantially reduces the amount of bugs and bad code getting
> into CVS.
I agree here. The effort to figure out how to do the patches correctly
is pretty high, and you need a lot of frustration tolerance at first.
I'm not sure if I would have stayed around if it wasn't for Summer of
Code 2005. Once you get past this, and figured out how to write your
code so Alexandre will commit it, development is quite fun. I also agree
that the whole process improves code quality. It still is hard in to get
started. Unfortunately I don't really know how this can be changed.

I think that the effort by some of the more experienced coders to
provide feedback to patches already helps a lot.


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