How are we doing?

Andrew Ziem ahziem1 at
Tue May 30 19:12:26 CDT 2006

Jeremy White wrote:
> On a side note, there is something that worries me a bit.  Specifically,
> it appears that we have a dirty secret about the regression tests - that
> they only work reliably on Alexandre's machine.  Is that true?
> Shouldn't we do something about that?  Or am I on crack, and lots of
> people run all the tests cleanly every day...

Hi Jeremy,

No crack: you can see the variation graphically.  Because bug 3666[1] 
has become stale, I sent a winetest report[2] from an SMP machine to 
demonstrate problems running Wine on the terminal server at our office: 
a Dual AMD Opteron with Fedora Core 5 x86 (32-bit software only).  Then, 
I sent another report from a single CPU machine.  The former report had 
many more failures.


(Later, I suppose should run the tests on the same machine with an SMP 
kernel and a normal kernel.)


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