winhlp32 implementation

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Thu Nov 2 16:43:22 CST 2006

On 02.11.2006 22:04, Eric Pouech wrote:
> Kirill K. Smirnov wrote:
>>  Eric,
>> there is a mess in winhelp and winhlp32 in "Context" and "Topic" concept:
>> what winhelp calls "topic", winhlp32 calls "context", and what winhelp
>> calls "Context" winhlp32 calls "Topic without CNT section".
>>  So, the buttons are messed too.
>> I suspect there are other "features".
>> We couldn't implement winhlp32 and winhelp in one box.
> well, this still could be possible, even if it's a bit more complex to
> handle
> IMO, the differences are, in most of the cases, cosmetics (name of
> buttons, positions of menu), but also in MS way, new features only in
> winhlp32
> so I was calling for a unified tool that would be doing what the two
> original programs were doing, even if the user interface doesn't match
> everything perfectly

FWIW, winhelp.exe is a 16-bit executable in Win XP. If I had to guess
why, I'd say it's for compatibility: iirc you can call DLL functions
from help files; so the 16-bit winhelp is kept to allow 16-bit .hlp
files using DLLs to continue to work.


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