Tracking memory allocation

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Nov 3 06:58:37 CST 2006

Jeff L wrote:
> Robert Shearman wrote:
>> Yes, it does. You can look at dlls/ntdll/tests/rtl.c to see how the 
>> functions can be used.
> Looking at the tests as example it seems that you need to run 
> InitFunctionPtrs() to set up pointers to the functions.  I would want 
> to do this in DllMain() as part of DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH: so the static 
> pointers could be set up once however you can't issue a LoadLibraryA() 
> inside DllMain().  The only other way to initialise the function 
> pointers appears to be to use an Initialise routine that is called as 
> part of any routine that may use the Table functions.  I assume that 
> it will be the latter option that I need to pursue.  Is this the only 
> way to access the Table functions?

No, in Wine DLLs you can just link to ntdll, although it sounds as 
though handle tables aren't really the way to go for what you need.

Rob Shearman

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