Linux with Wine is faster than windowsXP?

ErV ErV2005 at
Sun Nov 5 07:38:25 CST 2006


I've got a computer with two OS'es installed - ASPLinux11 and
WindowsXP SP2.
I've tested recently a super_pi mod 1.4(pi caltulation) on both operating
systems (I've used same Win32 binary file) . It looks like it works faster under Linux, while it
crashes under windowsXP at certain conditions. What's going on?
My friend tried same trick on his computer(taht is much more
powerful). He got slightly different results. IN his case program
works fastr under windows, when calculations aren't very complicated
(pi with 16K digits), but it works faster under linux when calculating "pi" with
1M digits. What's going on? I just want to know if this is a proof of
WindowsXP being slower, or does that mean that there is some
timer-related bug? ASPLinux claims their wine version is 9.5 while
there is mention only about 9.24 version on this site.

Here are timing results and links to original program:
link to the program:
checksum of result can be checked (if provided) at:

My configuration:
1. AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 900 Mhz
2. 3x128 Мб DIMM SDRam 
3. DFI AK75-EC /OCtect Rhino KT133A-ASP motherboard

WindowsXP timinig:
16К - 1.199 s.
32K - 2.727 s
64K - 6.433 s
128K and more - crashes with an accessviolation.

ASPLinux11 (via Wine) timinig:
16K - 01.199s
32K - 02.339s
64K - 04.676s
128K - 12.409s
256K - 31.005s
512K - 1m 17.630s
1M - 2m 53.044s

results with checksum:
64K time 4.703s checksum 06874B42
64K time 06.461s checksum 72955C87

My friend's configuration and results (unfortunately he didn't provide
any checksum):
configuration: GigabitP4Titan 845PE/Cel2400/1Gb/WXPSp2

16K - 0.922s
32K - 1.828s
64K - 3.437s
128K - 9.266s
256K - 26.453s
512K - 1m 07.391s
1M - 2m 43.078s

16K - 1.511s
32K - 2.318s
64K - 4.372s
128K - 9.156s
256K - 23.454s
512K - 1m 3.082s
1M - 2m 07.937s

Victor "ErV" Eremin.

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