Linux with Wine is faster than windowsXP?

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Sun Nov 5 13:40:33 CST 2006

Am Sonntag 05 November 2006 19:46 schrieb Aaron Slunt:
> On 11/5/06, ErV <ErV2005 at> wrote:
> > Dmitry<dmitry at> wrote:
> > > Calculating PI is not a representative OS performance test at all,
> > > since it doesn't involve actual OS facilities and mostly uses CPU math
> > > power only.
> >
> > Well, I'm not talking about a performance. Since calculating PI is a
> > pure CPU-related task, results must be same or linearly dependand. As I
> > understand, WINE
> > does not modify program, just loads it and resolve references to
> > dlls to correct equivalents. But calculation times surely aren't
> > linearly dependant nor equal. Why?
> >
> > Victor "ErV" Eremin.
> You forget, there are different processes between different OSs that are
> running, which affects cpu load...
What also affects the performance is the performance of the operating systems 
process managament and memory management. Linux does a pretty good job with 
memory management, and this can be seen when windows apps are run with wine.

Benchmarks in the past have shown that cpu-dependent operations are equally 
fast, memory intensive ones are faster in wine, while graphics(2D gdi) are 
much slower in wine.

In this case, I think, background processes make the difference. Was the 
windows box free of malware? Any firewall, virus scanner, quick launch tray 
applets running?
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