Wine 0.9.25 full of regressions!

Mirek thunder.m at
Sun Nov 12 11:56:47 CST 2006

Hi, i just instaled wine 0.9.25 (i had 0.9.24) and it is full of 
regressions, why is this possible, why is not there someone who can test 
wine before it came out to new release?

1. 3DMark 2003 - cant open setigns menu
2. 3DMark 2003 - with GLSL, almost all working test are broken (bad graphic)
3. 3DMark 2003 - with ARB is about 25% slower
4. HL2 Episode One - Some characters are black
5. NFS: MW - with ARB it is slower
6. W3 - cannot run, because of Opengl init
7. W3 FT - same as W3
8. nVidiaSDK - opengl demos in nVidia are not working anymore
9. nVidiaSDK - some Direct3D demos are broken more than in release 0.9.24
9. Prey - not working

This is pretty big list, almost half of my apps are not working, or 
working worst than before, it is sad.

Mirek Slugen

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