[PATCH] ntdll: round section parameters on 0x200

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Mon Nov 13 02:06:03 CST 2006

"Andrey Turkin" <pancha at mail.nnov.ru> wrote:

>> -    mapping->header_size = pos + size;
>> +    mapping->header_size = max( pos + size,
>> nt.OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders );
> You're reading my mind (or my hard drive), don't you? :) Ok, but if you
> going to change server code here, then you should probably align
> PointerToRawData in server code as well (writable shared sections will
> be mapped incorrectly otherwise).

That was not a real fix but just a proof of (your) concept. I'd leave
creation of a proper fix to Alexandre as he is the real expert in this
area (that's why I sent an url of a smallest possible download with the
packer itself (since it's self packed) to the list, so that an interested
person could play with it).


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