Wine 0.9.25 full of regressions!

Mirek thunder.m at
Mon Nov 13 03:38:17 CST 2006

Hi, i am testing wine about every 3 days from current git. Warcraft 3 
cant run for me if i am using option "-opengl", with direct3d (default) 
it is working without any problems, but it is slower. If you want i can 
do testing every second day (after some changes in CVS) and report 
problems, but i cant every time find patch which is responsible for 
that. I think opengl rewriting should be done internaly, not merging 
half of work into current CVS, because it broke so much apps.

Mirek Slugen

Jesse Allen napsal(a):
> On 11/12/06, Joseph Garvin <k04jg02 at> wrote:
>> Why would it be so difficult to have someone to pick a couple of common
>> apps, like winzip, word, and warcraft3, and make sure they still
>> function before every release?
> Here's a common problem. I tested Warcraft 3 with 0.9.25 from compile,
> new wine prefix, game install, patch, start, all this
> weekend and it worked fine. Not everyone receives the same experience.
> I'm the maintainer so I do know when it regresses for me and usually I
> fix it right then because I can. And I have been able to keep track
> the git almost daily so problems with Warcraft 3 have actually
> remained minimal (er I would say non-existant ... but). I cannot fix
> other problems unless I receive proper reports. I have no idea what
> Mirek's problem is and he definately has not reported it the proper
> way.
> I do know of an open bug where there is a weird packaging/build
> problem or 7.1 problem that prevents Warcraft 3 from
> starting on ubuntu 6.10. So I actually downloaded it installed the
> distro on my hard drive, which is why I did the above test with
> Warcraft 3. So when I did all that just to research a problem, it
> simply worked fine on my install of ubuntu. So I lack enough
> information to progress on it. Could this be Mirek's problem --
> possibly. Should we have held up 0.9.25 for a rather obscure problem?
> Heck no. Even more reason, most people don't test tree snapshots, so
> the only way we know of some problems is when we make a release, and
> that's probably why we have releases every two weeks; so that Wine
> gets widespread testing.
> Jesse

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