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Brandon Warhurst roboknight at
Mon Nov 13 00:25:44 CST 2006

I had a question about nsURI_Release.  Is it okay for this function to
release multiple references at once or is it supposed to release references
one at a time?

I'm trying to narrow down an application lock-up, and it appears that it
occurs when mshtml release multiple references at the same time (say for
example, the last AddRef shows 10, and the next release shows 9, then a
subsequent release shows 0).

After this the last thing reported (or at least that I was tracing) was
shdocvw, and it showed:

trace:shdocvw:DllMain 0x60fa0000 0x2 (nil)
trace:shdocvw:DllMain 0x60fa0000 0x3 (nil)

The application just beeps when I try to give it any user interface input
beyond this point, as if it is busy (which it isn't busy doing anything
application oriented).  I can still hit the "Close" on the application, but
it fails to close.  At any rate, that is the reason for the question.

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