Success story with Wine

Darryl Dixon esrever_otua at
Wed Nov 15 01:20:57 CST 2006

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say thanks to the Devs for the incredible job that
you are doing on the march to 1.0.

I have been following Wine development for many many years, and the
progress in the last year is truly extraordinary. Earlier today I fired
up my copy of Firefox for Windows with Wine 0.9.25, browsed to
the Firefox page, downloaded Firefox 2.0, clicked `Open' from the
download window, ran the installer flawlessly, and started up the new
version of Firefox seamlessly. From there I downloaded ColorPic (a
screen color picker for Windows that I use for Web work); the .zip file
opened up automatically in WinRAR, from which I was able to launch the
installer executable and install it fine. It started up after install
perfectly too, and now I can pick colors from all over my Linux (Gnome)
desktop with a Windows color picker tool. Not a single error, glitch, or
fault to be seen. It all went fast, and smooth. It seems to me that Wine
is now at the point that the average user could probably browse the web
quite happily, downloading little Windows apps and trying them out,
without ever even realising they were running the Windows versions of



Full credit.

many regards,
Darryl Dixon <esrever_otua at>
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