Debugging solidworks 2006

Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Wed Nov 15 13:39:00 CST 2006

On 11/15/06, Kartik Thakore <kthakore at> wrote:
> After doing the suggested tactis it still failed but with fewer errors:

Did you already setup a bug number for this? what number? It would be
best to attach log outputs to the bug report.

Doesn't Solidworks use the (Macromedia) Safecast copy protection ?
In that case you are probably out of luck.
I tried getting Autocad 2004, and got it to install with some Wine
tweaking. There were some patches for wine that make it support some
older Safecast versions (ntoskrnl), but I couldn't get it to work with
the newer Safcast versions. Safecast is particularly difficult to
debug because it is intended to be as complicated as possible to
prevent reverse engineering. (The shear size of it is the only thing
preventing it from reverse engineering). Also Safecast is designed to
hide detected problems for a long time, and only bail out much later,
or even not at, just limiting the software in some way, like not being
able to run the last level of a game.


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