CRichEditCtrl: Performance issue

Renu Rajput renu.rajput at
Thu Nov 16 05:20:14 CST 2006


I am facing a performance issue in CRichEditCtrl under Wine. My
application reads data from a *.dat file and displays it in the
CRichEdit editor. When I try to open large data files, it takes a lot
of time(around 4-5 minutes) to open the file.

I checked the code and found that, in Wine, the richedit editor
streams-in the data in a block of 4096 bytes. On Linux, the read
request to the file is routed via Wine. For every block of 4096 bytes
that are read, the system makes a back and forth call between the
callback function in the application and Wine code(ME_StreamInFill()
in dlls\riched20\editor.c), which causes the delay.

If anyone stumbled upon the similar issue, what should be the solution to this.

Renu Rajput

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