Looking for programmator to complete Direct3D 9.0c with GLSL in the Wine

Mirek thunder.m at czela.net
Wed Nov 22 04:53:22 CST 2006

Hi, I am not so good at programming in C, but I would like to be 
perfectly working in Direct3D 9.0c in the Wine. I dont know how much 
work is on  so  if  someone cold told me how far is the complementation 
of the  Direct3D 9.0c support in the Wine?

Here is the offer for everyone:

The aim is to prepare all apps below working under the Windows on Nvidia 
GF 6XXX series, with at least 50% of speed in WinXP. There is not needed 
sound after merging those patches in cvs main head. I offer 1 000 Euro 
or 1 200 dollars for this work.

3DMark 2003
3DMark 2005
3DMark 2006
CoD 2
NFS Carbon
ES IV Oblivion

Please, contact me or send this to another person you would think could 
do it.

Mirek Slugen
Czech Republic

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