RFC: OpenAL Winmm driver and OpenAL32.dll thunk was Re: OpenALand DirectSound

Nick Burns adger44 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 04:54:00 CST 2006

They are backwards compat -- and my thunk is backwards compat too..
(it should compile for openal1.0, 1.1, 1.X -- I have only tested Mac OSX 
10.4.8 OpenAL 1.1)

It is NOT efficent to be backwards compatible -- note my impl of AL_1_1, 
ALC_1_1, AL_EXTS, ALC_EXTS -- they all check for the existence of their 
functions ALL the time -- this is braindead and can be fixed with something 
similar to what we use for ogl -- the big func table -- and only update on 
context change -- maybe even cache per context function tables...

That being said -- the impls for AL_1_0, ALC_1_0, ALUT (not freealut) -- are 
as good as they can be. They are straight shots thru to the api (bouncing 
from CDECL(win32) -> ???(host???))

As it is (on this list) it should be correct -- barring oddities between 
deprecated ALUT functions...

- Nick

>From: Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>
>To: wine-devel at winehq.org
>Subject: Re: RFC: OpenAL Winmm driver and OpenAL32.dll thunk was Re: 
>OpenALand DirectSound
>Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 10:25:10 +0100
>Am Dienstag 21 November 2006 12:03 schrieb Nick Burns:
> > Attached is my diff/patch for both an openal winmm driver and an
> > openal32.dll thunk
>Just a question: Are the different openal versions backward compatible, or 
>we have to ship a openal thunk for each openal version used by the games?

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