WM_SETFONT support

Matt Finnicum mattfinn at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 14:27:53 CST 2006

On 11/22/06, Jing Li <jli at arubanetworks.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a dialog box which is used to display the license agreement
> information.
> I create my dialog template with the dialog editor. The dialog box contains
> the "Microsoft Rich Textbox Control" (ActiveX control). When the function
> DialogBox() is called to display the dialog box, the command "WM_SETFONT" is
> sent to my dialog procedure and the dialog box does not pop up at all.
> Do you know how to deal with this problem?
> The only information I've got from MSDN is "The dialog box procedure is
> responsible for saving the font handle passed with the WM_SETFONT message
> and selecting the handle into the display device context whenever it writes
> text to the window."
> Thanks a lot for your response and help.
> Regards,
> Jing


My first guess would be that it might not actually be a problem with
WM_SETFONT - we added support for that in richedit a couple months ago
and haven't had any reported problems yet (though it's still
possible). A failed setfont call should still just result in the
default, ugly font - so the whole dialog not appearing might be a
different problem.

Have you tested that it'll run properly on windows? If so, have you
tried using a native copy of riched20.dll?

You should create a bug report on bugzilla (http://bugs.winehq.org/).
If it works properly with the native riched20.dll, mark the bug as
being in the "wine-richedit" component. In that case, It'd be very
helpful if you could include a +richedit trace, and even more helpful
if you could include either test code or a compiled .exe that'd show
the problem.

--Matt Finnicum

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