wineshelllink: Use FreeDesktop standard to create Wine menu structure.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Fri Nov 24 17:24:47 CST 2006

Jeremy White wrote:
> I would strongly recommend that this be done instead with
> xdg-utils:
Sure, but they can not handle files with spaces in them. Also they
don't work as-is with Wine's winemenubuilder. Which will require
at least one more wrapper script. Also they don't allow installing icons
without specifying size. And all in all it will be 4 large scripts
instead of 1 small.

> That will allow us to avoid the pain of maintaining our own
> implementation, and allow distro vendors to make their distro
> work with Wine just by supplying a working version of xdg-utils.
It's been discussed multiple times here. And last time I remember
agreement was not to introduce any additional dependencies.
I have also checked, and not a single distro had those installed.
I do not want to depend on something that's no one has, and no way to
distribute it to users either.

> The trick is whether or not we can persuade Alexandre and/or all
> of the Wine packagers to include xdg-utils by default in distributions.
That's not his call but packagers. And the problem will remain the same.


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