mscoree [1/2]: Add missing stubs to the spec file

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Nov 27 22:16:43 CST 2006

"James Hawkins" <truiken at> wrote:

>> "James Hawkins" <truiken at> wrote:
>> > Ah ordinals, for this dll it's not a big deal because (probably) all
>> > apps get the export by name instead of ordinal.  For the installers
>> > I've seen that's the case, and I can't imagine any app working on both
>> > Home and Professional if the ordinals are different and they call
>> > GetProcAddress with the ordinals.
>> According to 'dumpbin /exports mscoree.lib' on a mscoree.lib from PSDK
>> only a few exports really have an ordinal assigned: some C++ ones and
>> ReOpenMetaDataWithMemory (23).
> Is this information available in our winedump?  I've always been
> confused about when to use ordinals and whent to use the @ symbol.  I
> also used depends and that just gave me the ordinals.

I've sent a patch for winedump which adds a COFF library dumper functionality
to it. It hasn't been committed due to some minor problems with it (missing
auto-detection of a file format), but any interested person should be able
to apply it and start a janitorial work of inspecting/fixing/synchronizing
ordinal exports between Wine and Windows using information from the PSDK
import libraries.


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