Concerning the separate OpenAL32.dll thunk patch and OpenAL winmm driver patch

Detlef Riekenberg at
Thu Nov 30 03:49:49 CST 2006

On Mi, 2006-11-29 at 22:00 -0800, Nick Burns wrote:
> The patches have been split in 2 one for the thunk and one for the winmm 
> driver.
> Have these patches been rejected?

I have not very much knowledge about Audio, but still some comments:

When you compare your Patch with the Size of other Patches,
you Patches are still very large.
A large Patch is much harder (in complexity and needed motivation) to
review and take more time.

I Suggest, that you should start with "", the spec-file
and only DllMain as implemented function.
Afterwards, pick one or a small set of Functions for a Patch.
Limiting the supported Formats/Version in a Patch and add additional
Formats / Versions in the next Patches should also reduce the
(ALC_1_0, AL_1_0, AL*_1_1, ALUT, WaveOut, WaveIn or
"OPENAL_LIMIT_IN_44100" as examples).

Some more hints are here:

There is also dead code in the Patch ("#if 0")

> +static int OpenAL_InitRingMessage(ESD_MSG_RING* mr)
You copied code without adapting it.

Another Issue mitht be, that there are plans to merge all the
audio-drivers in a single driver (dlls/wineaudio) to avoid most of
the code/bug - duplication:

I don't know, if wineaudio.drv this is still the way to go, but we have
sound crackeling and Buffer-underun Bugs, and adding another copy of
the "not very well working" code might be a "no go" for Alexandre.

By by ... Detlef

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