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Sun Oct 1 12:49:13 CDT 2006

Hey Karsten,

Is there any other way to see the thread?  It requires a login.  ATM, I think its great that PhotoShop 7 runs near perfectly under Wine, but it would be fantastic if CS and CS2 versions ran just as smoothly.


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I know a lot of people really want newer versions of photoshop (CS,
CS2) to work with wine, myself included, so I opened up a feature
request on Adobe's Photoshop forum, first with the intent to lobby for
a Linux version, but then had the idea that maybe it would be more
realistic to get Photoshop to work in Linux via Wine, possibly via
having some sort of collaboration between the two dev groups.  A reply
I got on their messageboard is actually from a dev, and I suggested to
him that they work with the Wine devs on this, as it seems much more
realistic and possible than a Linux port.

So I'm sending this to you guys as a heads up that this might be a
good opportunity to get in contact with the Adobe people about getting
some ideas on getting Photoshop working in Wine.  Here's the link to
the thread:

maybe someone could reply and say Hi at least and say to Chris (that's
the guy) that you'd be receptive to some input from Adobe on this.  I
can only see this as a win-win situation for everyone, Linux users for
getting Photoshop working, and Adobe for the admiration of the Linux
community and the possibility of  new revenue that might be available
to them via new sales of the software.  Sorry to drop in from out of
nowhere on this, but I thought the opportunity seemed to good to not
say anything.  So long and thanks for wine, it's awesome :)


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