Adobe Photoshop idea

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Oct 1 19:54:40 CDT 2006

Karsten Anderson wrote:
> I know a lot of people really want newer versions of photoshop (CS,
> CS2) to work with wine, myself included, so I opened up a feature
> request on Adobe's Photoshop forum, first with the intent to lobby for

As an fyi, we care deeply about having CS and CS2 work,
and have been unable to support them, entirely due to
the form of copy protection used.

The same is true for the >= MX 2004 versions formerly of Macromedia.

Unfortunately, last time I checked, for all that Adobe
is interested, they aren't willing to switch to a different
copy protection format.  Further, the copy protection vendors are
*completely* terrified of working with Wine.

They're so terrified, they can't even be calmed enough
to explain things.  Of course, it doesn't help that we
have to start by explaining that we can't sign an NDA
because of our need to publish our work under the LGPL...

So the short story is that copy protection support is the
gating issue here, and it's a serious PITA.

But Alexandre promises me he'll have it done Real Soon Now (TM).



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