Mem usage in Mac OSX

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon Oct 2 05:43:30 CDT 2006

Am Sonntag 01 Oktober 2006 13:30 schrieb Nick Burns:
> Im seeing some very odd behaviour in Mac OSX using wine -- and wondered if
> anyone could enlighten me
> When I run any application  -- I see it start with ~4GB of VM then
> depending on the app -- it goes upwards of 5.7GB in VM usage (>4GB?) in
> Activity Monitor (usually because of texture loading or other context
> loading -- so this is seen in games where you start moving around a map and
> it starts loading textures into OGL/D3D(->OGL))
> Usually when it gets this high -- bad things happen -- basically mallocs
> start to fail, and the app crashes.
I can confirm the crashes and the vm oddness, but I haven't tracked them down 
as much as you did. I have seen Half-Life 2 crashing with shaders 
enabled(dxlevel 80 and 70), as well as Half-Life 1 with the OpenGL renderer. 
HL1 takes some time, approximately 1 hour.

Even the simplest D3D apps seem to use a vm size of > 4GB, even the small D3D 
SDK demos. The sdk examples seem to run stable and as fine as on Linux. 
( for a bunch of 
screenshots. That was CrossOver Mac actually, but shouldn't make any 

My first suspicion was a memory leak in the OpenGL libraries, but I haven't 
done any further investigation to back that up. All the apps that crash on 
MacOS seem to run fine on Linux. My brother played Half-Life 2 for 6 hours in 
one go without issues on my Linux machine.
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