Mem usage in Mac OSX

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Oct 2 12:49:45 CDT 2006

Nick Burns wrote:
> All the following have this VM ~=4GB on startup -- its not a leaking 
> problem... (afaict)
> OGL/D3D -- WinRAR, GTAVC, Tribes2, (FlatOutDemo -- even thou it dies 
> on startup now -- still gets to ~4GB), SHOGO
> NON-GL -- cmd (not even using X11), winecfg, StreamDown, MS VC++ 6, 
> MS+Connentix VPC (even thou it uses a driver and will not start 
> correctly), Shogo (start screen)
> ---
> It just plain takes too much mem -- then dies due to the OS saying 
> more....
> (I will have to test top at some point...)
> Does Linux have the same mem problem? -- does top show like 4GB of 
> VSIZE on app start?

The numbers seem bogus since 32-bit apps can only take up 4Gb of VM. 
Wine does reserve 1.5Gb of VM on startup to ensure no system libraries 
are present in the area needed for Win32 apps and libraries.

Rob Shearman

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