Scrambled VB Fonts improving.

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Mon Oct 2 15:53:17 CDT 2006

Joe, not to sound rude, or anything, but please send emails as plain text to
the wine list.  Any pictures you need to show us, please attach them, and
just name them appropriately.  The reason we request this is due to
different client's handling (or lack thereof) of HTML.  It makes the message
difficult to read, regardless though.  Thanks!


On 9/28/06, Joe Baker <joebaker at> wrote:
>  I've been having problems with Visual Basic applications under Wine at
> first under VNC, then more lately, also when running them against X servers
> from the LTSP 4.2 project.
> Here's some illustrations of how bad the font rendering was looking as run
> against a VNC server and how much improvement there has recently been.




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