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Wed Oct 4 09:35:10 CDT 2006

On 10/3/06, Michael [Plouj] Ploujnikov <ploujj at> wrote:
> > I'm by no means an expert on copyright law or copy protection, but I
> think
> > that using any method other than writing directly to the MBR with those
> copy
> > protection measures would be illegal because writing to a file
> (registry,
> > wine-only proprietary db or any other type of file) as opposed to
> writing to
> > the mbr like the copy protection is supposed to could potentially reveal
> > data that the copy protection companies don't want being revealed, and
> > therefore that would end up making wine a possible target for aiding
> > circumvention.  Sure there are tools out there that crackers use that
> read
> > the mbr and store it in a file, so that they can circumvent the copy
> > protection, but that has nothing to do with wine.
> Could you not say the same thing for vmware or any other virtual
> harddrive application?

Technically yes, but the difference is that VMware actually writes
_everything_ into that one file vs wine proposing to write just what is
written to the boot sector into a file..

The reason it is different, is because it is much more difficult (if not
impossible) to tell what is boot sector and what isnt if you have a file
that contains an entire drive's worth of data.



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