Copy protection

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Oct 4 11:06:47 CDT 2006

> what keeps some nosy haxx0r from looking in the MBR (or some blocks
> later) if he wants to find out about the copy protection? if they store
> data like this unprotected (e.g. crypting them) then this is just
> security-by-obscurity (which is no security at all).
Copy protection IS security by obscurity from a cryptography point of view ;-)'_principle

The thing is that the user HAS to be able to decrypt the movie / game / 
whatever and use it, so in some form he HAS to have the keys. The only thing 
that can be hidden is the algorithm and the location of the keys(sort of part 
of the algorithm). This can't work from a mathematical point of view.

What makes copy protection problematic to circumvent is not the math or the 
technical stuff, it is the laws protecting it :-(
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