Copy protection

Kopfgeldjaeger WOLFProductions at
Wed Oct 4 12:10:41 CDT 2006


Karsten Anderson wrote:
> why not just implement the write to MBR? figure out how the copy
> protector does it and just implement it.  as long as you know what
> you're doing and where the O/S stores its stuff you should be alright.
> put a few warnings on the instaeller and whatnot that this might be
> risky, and then let the user decide for himself :)

1. I don't think that it's really the MBR, because it's 512 Bytes are
already too cramped with the partition table and the boot loader.
Chances to break those things are too high. Maybe it's really an
(unused) sector after the MBR, but even than:
2. raw disk access normally requires root rights. It's very unlikely
that Alexandre would permit anything which requires to  run wine as root
(even if those are only additional features)

Greetings KGJ

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