clusapi: [RESEND] Implements stub dll for clusapi

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Oct 5 09:47:16 CDT 2006

Benjamin Arai wrote:
> When I was creating the stub I looked around in several dll's and some
> of the them export DllMain.
> ./advpack/advpack.spec:@ stdcall -private DllMain(long long ptr)
> ./itss/itss.spec:@ stdcall -private DllMain(long long ptr)
> ./msimg32/msimg32.spec:@ stdcall -private DllInitialize(long long ptr) 
> DllMain

These are fine.

> ./dciman32/dciman32.spec:@ stdcall -private DllEntryPoint(long long 
> ptr) DllMain

This isn't exported in native dciman32, so this should be fixed.

Rob Shearman

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