Client-side DIB copy optimization patch on Bugzilla

Willie Sippel willie at
Fri Oct 6 11:21:37 CDT 2006

Hi there.

A patch by Iulian Marinescu was posted on Bugzilla a few days ago to optimize 
client-side DIB copy operations. I tested it, and it definitely improves the 
performance of a few applications quite a bit (Propellerhead Reason for 
example). Even though I can't comment on the quality of the patch, it seems 
to work as advertised, and I didn't notice any regressions. Would be nice to 
see it in Wine, so I hope someone more competent could look into the patch 
and see if it's OK. It's available at:

Since the patch wasn't posted on wine-patches AFAIK, I thought I should 
mention it here so it doesn't get overlooked. 


Willie Sippel

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