ListView_InsertColumn() question {revised]

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Fri Oct 6 15:58:42 CDT 2006

[I meant to say that pointer declarations are read right-to-left, not
left-to-right. So the corrected question is:]

Can you verify something for me, please?

The SDK declares ListView_InsertColumn() as:

int ListView_InsertColumn(
    HWND hwnd,
    int iCol,
    const LPLVCOLUMN pcol

In commctrl.h, we have:

#define ListView_InsertColumnA(hwnd,iCol,pcol) \
    LVCOLUMNA *)(pcol))
#define ListView_InsertColumnW(hwnd,iCol,pcol) \
    LVCOLUMNW *)(pcol))
#define ListView_InsertColumn WINELIB_NAME_AW(ListView_InsertColumn)

Given (for a type T) that const T * and T const * are equivalent, and
given the right-to-left nature of pointer declarations, am I not right in
thinking that const LPLVCOLUMN pcol is really equivalent to:

    LVCOLUMN * const pcol;


    const LVCOLUMN *pcol;



-- Andy.

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