windows web server app fails to send more than 11680 bytes !?

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Sun Oct 8 16:28:10 CDT 2006


I'm testing a windows app I'd very much like to run under Wine (using v0.9.22), being in touch with the author. This is a small web server app based on a Microsoft MFC sample app. It happily works under Windows, but that'd be the wrong thing for running it 24/7.  ;-)

It's not yet working under Wine, fails to serve larger files, but we've pretty much narrowed down the problem by adding logs to the app and using ethereal.

For example, the app tries to write 25017 bytes to the socket, but the 
socket only allows 11680 bytes at a time, and the TCP stack fragments 
this in 8 packets of 1460 bytes, presumably because it only has 8 
buffers reserved. So far so good.

We see them being sent on the Ethernet and the ACK's are coming in, but 
after these 8 packets there should be a signal to trigger the OnSend 
function of the app so it can send the next part of data, but this never 
happens... The reselection of the socket did not return an error. Given the reselection is ok, and at the Ethernet level messages are consistently sent and ACK's received, the conclusion is that there might be a bug in Wine. So here we are stuck.

Given that Wine successfully runs real big application such as MS Internet Explorer, I can't imagine it to have such a fundamental problem. Is there something I overlooked, like a configuration issue?

If it really gets interesting, I can ask the developer for a more detailed report, including the Ethereal log snippet, in case somebody wants to actually look into it. First I'd like to find out if this is the right place, or if I should "bury" it into bugzilla.

Thank you for your time and help,

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