mscoree: Invoke installed win32 mono runtime or exec mono native for .NET executables

Hans Leidekker hans at
Mon Oct 9 08:28:07 CDT 2006

Hi Paul,

> Several alternatives can be provided in Registry, separated by commas. For
> each an attempt to execute it (spawnvp with OVERLAY flag set). The
> exception is the keyword MONOEMBED that will try to locate and dynamically
> load an installed Win32 mono.

I tried your patch with Win32 Mono- installed but the MONOEMBED
option failed for me. I found out this is because mono-1.dll depends on
a number of other dlls that can't be found in the search path.

Maybe you could add the Mono dir to the search path? Or instead hand the
command line over to mono.exe?

Getting past that hurdle I get this Mono exception:

 ... System.ArgumentException: FontFamily wasn't found.


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