kernel level drivers - next try

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Wed Oct 11 08:12:32 CDT 2006


I want to tackle the problem of loading and accessing
kernel drivers again.

Since the previous tries were met with design concerns,
lets try to clarify design issues first.

- Services are handled and registered by ADVAPI32.

  Currently we handle process type services correctly,
  which are started using CreateProcess().
  These are marked with SERVICE_WIN32 or similar flags.


  Q: How should those be loaded and where?

     Alexandre seems to suggest we start a seperate services.exe
     and load them in there?

     Is this the way to go?

  Q: How to start them?
     CreateProcess(services.exe name.sys) on commandline?

     Or via some kind of other control mechanism?

- Filehandles ... 

  The whole issue of handling the HANDLEs that are necessary
  is unclear to me. 

Ciao, Marcus

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