Michael [Plouj] Ploujnikov ploujj at
Wed Oct 11 20:58:20 CDT 2006

I was doing janitorial Win64 printf format work on ws2_32 and noticed
the following warning:

ws2_32/socket16.c:319: warning: passing arg 3 of `WS_ioctlsocket' from
incompatible pointer type

which belongs to this piece of code:
INT16 WINAPI ioctlsocket16(SOCKET16 s, LONG cmd, ULONG *argp)
    return WS_ioctlsocket( s, cmd, argp ); /* <- line 319 */

It looks like WS_ioctlsocket's third argument is defined to point to a
u_long (
which belongs to BSD
( for example).

Is it wrong "BSD-only" u_long in this function? Should WS_ioctlsocket
be fixed to use a ULONG pointer?

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