Delorme AAA Map N Go 6 install fail - maybe COM related?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Oct 16 07:58:06 CDT 2006


> =>1 0x610d6468 in oleaut32 (+0x36468) (0x610d6468)
>    2 0x610d7b01 in oleaut32 (+0x37b01) (0x610d7b01)
>    3 0x610df741 in oleaut32 (+0x3f741) (0x610df741)
>    4 0x610e006f in oleaut32 (+0x4006f) (0x610e006f)
Are you using native oleaut32, ole32 and rpcrt4 maybe? If you're using builtin 
the debugger should find the position of the crash in the source. If you're 
using native please try again with builtin dcom libs
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