d3d8: GetDepthStencilSurface/GetRenderTarget refcount issue

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Wed Oct 18 08:00:59 CDT 2006

> > We have an
> > IDirect3DDevice?_AddRef call in CreateSurface / CreateTexture... Native
> > seems to have this AddRef call in IDirect3DResource_AddRef:
> >
> > if(oldref == 0) IDirect3DDevice8_AddRef(This->myDevice);
> >
> > I guess this is the first thing we have to change.
> Not sure how you read that from the test.
Not from this test, but I had a test which did this:

CreateVertexBuffer(&vb)		// ref++
Release(vb)			// ref--
AddRef(vb)			// ref++

CreateVertexBuffer(&vb)		//ref++
SetStreamSource(device, 0, vb);	//ref unchanged
Release(vb)			//ref--
GetStreamSource(device, 0, &vb);//ref++

and check the device refcount after each call, with the results from above.

I didn't send the test because it did an incorrect thing(release to 0, then 

> It could just be that the surface object is only created on the first
> call to GetRenderTarget. Note that in this test we don't do any actual
> rendering, so it's not impossible that in a typical application the
> depth stencil would already be created the moment GetRenderTarget is
> called.
Yeah, I mentioned that. But I suspect that the surface resources are created 
with the device, just that the COM object is constructed on the first 
GetRenderTarget call.

> > It could be that the implicit render target and auto depth stencil COM
> > objects are not COM objects in d3d's internal management and that they
> > are constructed in the first call to GetRenderTarget. But we won't be
> > able to do that. Or well, we can do it in d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll, but not
> > in wined3d.dll.
> Sure we can. Regular surfaces are currently created with a callback to
> d3d8 / d3d9 as well.
Yes, but some methods in WineD3D need the back buffer and the front buffer 
implementation pointer, like Present or LockRect/UnlockRect

> I wonder what happens if you release the surface you get from
> GetDepthStencilTarget, and then try to do some rendering with the
> device.
I suspect that it won't have any effect(except that the refcount falls to 0)
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