user [2/2]: add GetRawInputDeviceList stub (try 3)

L. Rahyen research at
Wed Oct 18 13:11:29 CDT 2006

> A small Test will help to make a real Implementation.

	I already thought about doing full implementation but because this function 
(its full implementation) isn't very useful in most cases (but maybe I'm 
wrong?) I probably will spend my free time doing other work in near future...	
I have few applications and some games that I wish to run under Wine but 
cannot (because of crashes) so I'm going to fix this (at least I will try to 
fix them).
	If you wonder why this is so important to me, then I tell you that I and my 
brother havn't other options to run Windows applications like games - we 
cannot reboot to Windows, play game, then return to Linux. So if we cannot 
run some game under Wine - we cannot run it at all. For some "not yet working 
under Wine" applications (like 3ds max) I can use QEmu/VMWare but this is 
very inconvinient though (only software rendering works, memory wasted and 
other problems) so I use emulators very rarely.
	Because I'm programmer all these problems is very good motivation to try 
myself in Wine development...

> I suggest to use:
> FIXME("(%p, %p, %u) stub\n", 
>       pRawInputDeviceList, puiNumDevices, cbSize);

> +@ stdcall GetRawInputDeviceList(ptr long long)

	Thanks for your suggestions!

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