wineconsole[4/6]: allow making selections with a mouse also when not in the QuickEdit mode

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Wed Oct 18 14:50:04 CDT 2006

>>     case WM_LBUTTONUP:
>> -        if (data->curcfg.quick_edit)
>> +        if (data->curcfg.quick_edit || PRIVATE(data)->has_selection)
>>         {
>>             if (GetCapture() == PRIVATE(data)->hWnd && 
>> PRIVATE(data)->has_selection &&
>>                 (wParam& MK_LBUTTON))
>>             {
>>                 WCUSER_MoveSelection(data, PRIVATE(data)->selectPt1, 
>> WCUSER_GetCell(data, lParam));
>>                 ReleaseCapture();
>> -                PRIVATE(data)->has_selection = FALSE;
> this looks suspicious to me ? how to do end the selection ? the only 
> time you do it is when a second button down :-/

The selection is cancelled if the hits Enter to copy the data to the 
clipboard (or after the later patch hit any other key to cancel). The 
current behaviour is strange as why to select a rectangle with a mouse 
if it will be unselected on WM_LBUTTONUP? Currectly the user would need 
to keep the mouse button down and press Enter to copy the data and have 
any use of the mouse selection.

Mikolaj Zalewski

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