fix for the winemp3 module

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Oct 19 14:28:58 CDT 2006

Deun wrote:

>Well, I'm not so familiar with detailed licencing stuff, sorry
>for not noticing.
>However, I've worked alot on mp3 codec a few years ago to make
>my own assembly codec (sorry, not x86) and after comparing many
>different sources, all I can say is that there aren't so many
>ways to decode the stream datas, so in the end all sources
>looks very similar.
>Also note that I haven't simply copied code from Mplayer's
>source, I've adapted it to current code. But I guess I'm being
>too naive saying this regarding to licence stuff. And the code
>which has most changed in my patch (about linbits decoding) is
>not something made by MPlayer's team as there was exactly the
>same method used a few years before in the old AMP 0.7.1 source
>(I'm not sure about exact version but it was around that one).
>Anyway if you think that my patch would lead to licence issues,
>then it's ok to drop it, don't worry.
I thought at first you just diff:ed the file against mplayer's code
however, as mplayer's uses the old mpglib code, one could also ask 
mplayer's team to release the diffs they made to mpglib as LGPL (which 
they have to...)
the bad side of this is that mpglib is no longer maintained, so we can't 
expect fixes from that lib (the only LGPL mpg3 decoding lib I know of)
updates to mpglib now appear in mpg123 a player (LGPL), but with lots of 
changes since the original code (and no longer a library on its own)

anyway, the fixes seem to be needed... that's Alexandre's final call

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