d3d/dx8 GLSL-patch shader question: access on VC constants out of bounds

Christoph Frick frick at sc-networks.de
Fri Oct 20 02:57:07 CDT 2006


the game LFS[1] uses in its shaders constants with "high" numbers
(c10-c17,c90-c95); so in sum no problem. but due to check against the
OpenGL implemented maximum (in my case VC[31]) the shaders wont work
anymore (array out of bounds).

is this due to recently discussed "max/4 is correct but old nvidia
driver reports wrong numers"-problem or is this something new?

would it be possible to map the constants from the shader into the
vertex program using a look-up-table so we just need to allocate a
VC-array there with the actualy used size and so the check against the
maximum of uniforms would make sense again?

[1] http://www.liveforspeed.net/?page=downloads

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