comctl32: toolbar: create tooltip window with WS_POPUP style

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Oct 20 08:53:21 CDT 2006

"Oleg Krylov" <oleg.krylov at> wrote:

>> That really shouldn't make any difference, and the tooltips code
>> forces the WS_POPUP style anyway.
>> --
>> Alexandre Julliard
>> julliard at
> Unfortunately it's not true. If tooltip is created without WS_POPUP
> style weird things start to happen. I've just made several
> experiments.
> Everything is fine only if virtual desktop is used.
> If windows are managed by WM, then
> - in KDE when tooltip is shown it steals focus from application,
> tooltip window has WM border, titlebar and appears in taskbar;
> - in GNOME tooltip steals focus, and has WM border
> This is surely incorrect and even there exists opened bug in bugzilla
> #2891. It likely has to do with window hints or something inside
> window management code.

That happens because in the case of WS_POPUP winex11.drv creates a not
managed window, while in the case of 0 (overlapped) it creates a managed
one. Currently Wine can't switch managed on/off dynamically, therefore
style corection code on WM_NCCREATE doesn't make a difference.


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