Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at zalewski.pl
Fri Oct 20 18:18:26 CDT 2006

  As I wrote I've found that there is a mess in wine with the usage of 
SUBLANG_NEUTRAL and SUBLANG_DEFAULT. I tried to understand when to use 
which and wrote a wiki page about it: 
http://wiki.winehq.org/SublangNeutral .
  It contains some generic information about it but I thought that it 
would be best to have also a list of languages for each case. I've took 
the wine languages list and sorted the obvious cases. There are however 
7 languages which have many sublangs and I don't know if they should 
have one generic translation or be translated into each sublang. If 
someone knowing one of these languages could Cut&Paste the language from 
the "undecided" list to one of the lists, I think it would help.

Mikolaj Zalewski

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