Tracking memory allocation

Jeff L lats at
Sat Oct 21 05:19:20 CDT 2006

I am looking at how to track whether memory has been allocated or 
freed.  The SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS opaque point in usp10 can be freed in 
a number of places.  It seems that Windows handles this by checking a 
list of allocated storage as the passed value of a 
SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS could be invalid.  An obvious problem is where 
SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS pointer is passed or copied to another pointer.  
At best one pointer could be NULLed but not both.  I have seen this 
behaviour.  It seems that this would not be a unique problem in wine, is 
there a standard way to handle memory tracking so that if memory is 
freed, at a later time we can check to see if the pointer is still valid? 

Jeff Latimer

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